The Wirepuller Gets Lucky in Happier Years

The Wirepuller Gets Lucky in Happier Years


Read manhwa The Wirepuller Gets Lucky in Happier Years / 흑막의 말년운이 좋다 Park Doah is a person one who can tell a person’s destiny by their face . After her death, she reincarnated in the body of a girl with a similar faite to her own. Perphaps the skills she has learned in her previous life are not useless after all. Grand Duke Credel’s daughter, Ophelia’s replacement, taken from the slums. She is tortured by the maids, Ophelia’s brother and the Grand Duke himself. She uses her skills to carve out a new life for herself… ” I don’t wish to be used and discarded like in my previous life. But the Credel family is to be ruined in eight years, so she has to find a way to escape. But then… A shadowy figure appears in front of her. The cursed one, the black shadow of war. ” A rabbit? Eyes that are full of black light, the eyes of a phoenix! As he looks at her, she sees his destiny in those eyes. ” I will make you an emperor! Fear and exictement coexist. I take his hand which holds the future. ” Will you share you destiny with me?
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