The S-Class Little Princess Is Too Strong

The S-Class Little Princess Is Too Strong


Read manhwa The S-Class Little Princess Is Too Strong / S급 아기 황녀님이 너무 강해 / The S-Class Baby Princess Is So Strong I was an S-class hunter, but I reincarnated as a princess? *** ‘I did it, I killed the demon!’ However, the world was not saved. It was still in chaos, and I was already on the verge of dying. ‘Am I going to die like this…?’ My eyes were getting blurry. But then, ‘A reward at this time? You damn system!’ [The reward is…] ‘What?’ What came out of my mouth when I tried to scream was a babble instead. “Eubu.” [Consciousness has successfully been loaded!] [You have been reincarnated! Congratulations!] “Agatata!” (Reincarnation, great!) However, I wasn’t alone this time, because I had a family now. ‘My father and brothers, why are they so strange?’ “I have separation anxiety.” “I don’t need anything but Risha!” Also, the enemy of my past life suddenly appeared. “My savior and benefactor, Princess Anatrisha.” I only saved him. Why was he like this? ‘Will I be able to be happy this time?’
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