The Gangster Daughter of the Henchman Duke's Family

The Gangster Daughter of the Henchman Duke's Family
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    조무래기 공작가의 깡패 아기님 / The Insignificant Ducal Household’s Gangster Baby / The Gangster Baby of Duke's Family / The Gangster Baby of the Duke’s Family

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    Comedy - Drama - Fantasy - Romance

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My name is Leonora Hachania. Although I’m the daughter of a villain extra whose name in itself means ‘insignificant’, my desire for power is unimaginable. I can’t just let the Hachania family be as insignificant as it is in the original novel! “Woll to the left, wight now!” “Yes, ma’am!” “Woll to the wight, wight now!” “Yes, ma’am!” With the sunglasses I made by painting on them with ink, I raised my voice fiercely. “Sowldier Enoch, we don’t cwy!” The tender-hearted third child who had met my eyes was startled and sniffled with his runny nose. “W-we don’t cry!” I’ve succeeded. “Were you originally this weak? How annoying.” “Ugh! S-Save me!” “Hyung, they look like they’re really suffering, should we kill them quickly? It would be better for them.” My brothers who couldn’t even hold a candle to the male lead and were extras have become the greatest villain brothers in the world! Although it was a bit difficult since my villain father was so clumsy, “Rini, just what kind of evil deed are you planning this time…” “Keke, it’s nothing. As expected of my daughter, you’re planning something evil. Very nice.” I’ve redesigned him to be a villain with a dual personality. Keke, mwahaha! Nice, I’ve increased our assets using the information from the original novel and made the family into a significant one! Now, I just need to escape this terminally ill body and enjoy the proper life of a villainess- “I know that Your Ladyship is a caring person, so it would be too greedy to wish for your kindness to be mine alone.” I think the human weapon that I revived for the family has broken. “But if I get rid of all the people you are kind to…” The red flame blazing in his hand burned the map of the world. “Won’t I be the only you can be kind to?” He says that as if he’s about to hunt down the entire world
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