Stella: the Lost Star

Stella: the Lost Star
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    Stella: The Lost Star An Extra in the Family Is the First to Be Abandoned Extras Are Discarded First Extras Are the First to Be Abandoned Extras Are Thrown Away First Side Characters Are Discarded First 捨てられたエキストラの逆襲 群演最先被抛弃 被抛棄的星之皇女 配角最先被抛弃 엑스트라는 가장 먼저 버려진다

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    Drama - Fantasy - Romance - Shoujo - Tragedy

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I am the youngest princess, abandoned in the Imperial Palace at the age of ten. The royal family, no longer in power, was caught in the flames of rebellion, and I was the first to be abandoned. So I have to live like Ethel, a commoner. Not Stella, a princess. After 10 years, until I returned to the royal palace where I was abandoned, because they wanted to see me “I need a replacement” That’s what my sister, the first princess, told me. “Replace for my missing sister” “That’s a tempting offer, but I don’t want it, princess.” “Isn’t that a great offer?” The threat is so clear, I will take my family hostage. So I went back to the palace to play the role of “myself substitute”. Humiliating people who don’t recognize me I will not forgive them. They tried to win the heart of the princess who awakened her powers, but in the end, I abandoned them. “In the end, I’ll be happy” “The splendid return of the abandoned princess.” Extras Are The First To Be Abandoned Extras Are The First To Be Abandoned / An Extra In The Family Is The First To Be Abandoned / 엑스트라는 가장 먼저 버려진다 / Stella: The Lost Star
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