My Prince's Healing Touch

My Prince's Healing Touch
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    I Became The Older Sister of A Regretful Male Lead / My Prince's Healing Touch I Became the Older Sister of a Regretful Male Lead I Became the Time-Handed Sister of the Regrets Une romance à ma façon 嫌われ主人公の余命わずかな姉になりました 成为了悔悟男主的姐姐 每天都想和纯情皇子结婚 후회 남주의 시한부 누나가 되었다

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    Adaptation - Drama - Fantasy - Romance

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Edna possessed the older sister of the Male Lead, the man of regret, in the novel. Even the younger brother is a trash male lead who regrets accumulating all kinds of karma for the female lead, and Edna herself learns that she is doomed to die 3 years after suffering from a dark disease! But Edna, who read the original, knew the cure for dark disease. That is, to be in constant physical contact with a person with an overflowing divine power! The only problem is that he is the 3rd Prince and the older brother of the original female lead, Karen. Edna’s struggle to make a contract engagement begins with a natural meeting… Contrary to expectations, she will be misunderstood as a member of the group that adores Karen, abbreviated as Kalsamo! 후회 남주의 시한부 누나가 되었다 / I Became The Time-Handed Sister Of The Regrets / I Became The Older Sister Of A Regretful The Male Character
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