I Thought My Time Was Up!

I Thought My Time Was Up!
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    I Thought My Time Was Up! I Thought It Was Time! / Time Limit / I Thought I Didn't Have Long To Live! / I Thought It Was The Deadline! / 시한부인 줄 알았어요!

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    Fantasy - Romance - Royal family

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Lariette, princess of the Blanchett family, who was diagnosed with the disease had only three months to live. I was dying anyway so I decided to do some crazy things. Firstly, living with a fiance who is older than me and there is no affection between the relationship. Second, date Asrahan, the monster duke for 3 months! As soon as I decided to run away from him, I discovered something. The truth is that I didn’t have the disease and only lived for 3 months. “Lariette, didn’t I tell you?” Asrahan said with a savage smile. “If you run away, you will be responsible for any consequences” I Thought My Time Was Up! I Thought I Didn’t Have Long to Live! I Thought It Was Time! Kısıtlı Ömrüm Kaldı Sanıyordum! Mes jours ne sont plus comptés ?! Pensé que tenía fecha límite Я думала что умру 还以为是绝症 還以為自己死期將至 시한부인 줄 알았어요!
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