Being a Maid is Better than Being a Princess

Being a Maid is Better than Being a Princess


Cianna Asylond von Silité was a princess from a small kingdom. At least, before the imperial army invaded her kingdom… Moments before the merciless Crown Prince of the empire beheaded her, Cianna screamed, “Please, spare me!!!” With her desperate voice, Cianna begged the crown price, whose beautiful face was stained red with blood. “” I acquired many talents from the palace, wouldn’t it be perfect if I were just a maid? That is how Cianna became an apprentice maid. But to her surprise, this job actually suits her! The corridor was clean with one swoop. When she kneaded and baked the dough, it would turn into sweet cookies. When she washes the bedding, it becomes white and fragrant! She was just doing her best as a maid, but the Imperial family had slowly opened their hearts to Cianna. “” The tea you brew is always the best. “” You made this dress? It’s really pretty. “” I’d like to entrust the prince’s education to you. However, she never imagined she would even capture this man’s heart, too… “” I’m the same. “” … “” I also can’t live without you, Cianna. Cianna shut her eyes tightly after hearing the crown prince’s heartbreaking voice. Excuse me, Your Highness. I just wanted to live as an ordinary maid!

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